The Best Western Savannah Historic District Hotel is committed to offering the most comfortable and user-friendly accessibility experience while you stay with us in the gracious southern city of Savannah, Georgia. You can relax upon arrival knowing our highly trained and experienced staff is available to ensure you enjoy our hotel environment and the charm of Savannah's vibrant history and beauty. We have worked diligently with ADA guidelines to provide accessibility in our spaces and enhance our guest experience. For additional information on accessibility features, please contact us directly at (912) 233-1011.

General accessibility features of the property include:

  • Accessible elevator.
  • Automatically-opening lobby entrance door with 36.5-inch opening.
  • Accessible front desk 6 feet from accessible hotel entrance.
  • No abrupt level changes on routes through property.
  • Accessible tables in dining area.
  • The dining area has accessible self-service shelves and dispensing devices for beverages and other items. All items may be served by breakfast attendant, as well.
  • Accessible public restrooms in lobby.
  • Closed-captioned TVs in lobby.
  • 47.5-inch exterior hallways. (Building has no interior hallways)
  • Braille information on elevator controls, room access. panels, and common area room entries.
  • Assistive listening devices.
  • Ability to accept special packages in advance for medical needs.
  • Licensed service animals allowed.
  • TTY phones available.
  • Strobe and audible smoke/carbon monoxide alarms in common areas.
  • Main floor access to:
    • Swimming pool.
    • Fitness center.
    • Business center.
    • Ice & Vending.

Parking accessibility includes:

  • Three accessible parking spaces and signage for car and van parking are located in the main parking lot off West Bay Street, adjacent to the accessible guestrooms and front lobby.
  • The accessible parking spaces are 96 inches wide.
  • The accessible route from the parking area allows for approaching and entering the hotel main lobby and guestrooms easily.

Accessible guestroom features include:

  • All accessible rooms are located on the first floor.
  • Hotel is an exterior corridor property.
  • Accessible 36-inch wide guestroom doorways.
  • Accessible thermostat, window coverings and lighting controls. 
  • Minimum of 32 inches between queen beds and 46-75 inches around the perimeter of king beds.
  • Beds height is 29 inches from floor to top of mattress.
  • Audible and visible telephone ring indicators.
  • Strobe and audible smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. 
  • Closed-captioned TVs.
  • Lowered peep holes.
  • Lowered closet rods.
  • Accessible bathrooms feature:
    • Two king rooms have roll-in showers with fixed shower seats and hand-held shower wands.
      • Grab bars located on back wall and adjacent wall.
      • Bathrooms allow for 60-degree turn or T-turn.    
      • Toilet seats are 16-18 inches high and have grab bars behind and on the side.
      • Unobstructed sinks.
    • Three double queen rooms have tubs with removable shower seats and hand held shower wands.
      • Grab bars are located around the entire tub enclosure.
      • Toilet Seats are 16-18 inches high and have grab bars behind and on the side.
      • Unobstructed sinks.

Accessible property routes include:

  • From the parking area to the front desk/breakfast area:
    • From the accessible parking spaces please proceed fifteen to twenty yards (depending on which parking space is in use) to the covered entrance of the main building then through the automatic door to the front lobby. Continue forward to the breakfast area.
  • From the accessible rooms to the front desk/breakfast area
    • Please turn left when exiting your room and go to the end of the building which is located on your right, turn right and proceed to the covered entrance and through automatic door to the front lobby then continue forward to the breakfast area.
  • From accessible guestrooms to the pool:
    • Please turn right from the accessible guestroom and proceed to where the guestrooms end (one to five doors down depending on your room location). Just past the electrical room, turn right to enter the pool gate. To enter the fitness center, proceed to the door on the right located just beyond the gate to the pool.

Additional accessibility features include:

The staff at the Best Western Savannah Historic District Hotel is committed to ensuring the best possible and most comfortable experience at our property. Here are examples of modifications our team members are trained to make:
  • Relocate equipment in room to a more accessible position.
  • Remove additional furniture from the room (like chairs or tables) to create more open space.
  • Provide an extension cord to allow for easier access to electricity.
We wish to ensure the best experience for all of our guests. Please don't hesitate to reach the front desk at (912) 233-1011 with any questions.

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